The WSSR Council announces the establishment of a new World Record


Record: Indian Ocean Intermediate Record

(Western limit: Cape Agulhas, crossing the meridian 20° E
Eastern limit: The southern point of Tasmania, South East Cape, crossing the meridian 146° 49'.E).

Yacht: IDEC

Name:Francis Joyon FRA and 5 crew

Dates:.5th to the 12th December 2015

Start time: 10; 30; 00 UTC on the 05/12/15

Finish time: 10; 30; 00 UTC on the 12/12/15

Elapsed time: 7 days


Comments: Previous record: 2015. Spindrift 2. Yann Guichard and Dona Bertarelli 8d 4h 45m

John Reed

Secretary to the WSSR Council